2016 New Year Resolutions worksheet



2016 new year’s resolutions
WRITE DOWN YOUR MAIN GOAL. Be as specific as possible.

My goal is:

I will reach my goal by:
1. What steps do I need to take to reach my goal?
2. What sacrifices am I willing to make to be successful?
3. On a scale of 1-10, how strong is my desire to achieve this goal?
4. What benefits can I gain from reaching my goal?
5. How will I encourage myself when I feel like giving up?
6. What will I say to anyone who tells me I cannot reach my goal?
7. How can friends and family members help me to achieve this goal?

8. Is there a local positive support group that I can join to help me achieve my goal?

The 2016 six-pack challenge!

Join Trainer Ali and the Fit Body Boot Camp team in 2016 for an incredible six-pack challenge with Hiking Trail expert, Adam Shuck.

Get your six-pack once and for all!IMG_1197

Adam served in the United States Marine Corps for eight years and is currently a Supervising Park Ranger with Orange County Parks. In addition to his professional career, Adam is also a volunteer with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Unit.  Adam has 23 years of backpacking, dayhiking, and wilderness experience. He is a Certified Interpretive Guide with the National Association for Interpretation and Certified Docent for Laguna Canyon Foundation and Irvine Ranch Conservancy. Adams’ wilderness training consists of Wilderness First Aid Course x3, Basic Concepts of Wildland Fire and Principles of Wildland Fire Behavior, Saddleback College Volunteer Naturalist Course in addition to Trail Maintenance Basic and Crew Leader training with the Southern California Trails Coalition.

Adams’ hiking credits include; Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Zion, Canyonlands, Arches and Bryce National Parks. Cleveland, Inyo, Pisgah, Kaibab, John Muir and Daniel Boone National Forests. Mt. Whitney and Saddleback Peak twice each and most all local OC Parks and Open Spaces. Adam is a member of OC Hiking and Backpacking Club and has led hikes for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and OC Parks for six years.

This six-pack challenge year is scheduled with monthly runs & hikes in many of Southern California’s most beautiful trails in Orange County and beyond. Adam will be leading the way and preparing our team for the 6-pack of peaks challenge. Train with us to conquer all six peaks and hopefully end the year by hiking to Mt. Whitney as well.

The 6-peaks include Mt. Wilson, Cucamonga Peak, Mt. Baldy, San Bernardino Peak, San Jacinto Peak & Mt. San Gorgonio

Commit to the 6-pack challenge in 2016.

Fee: $75 per person


or click here to pay $15 for a single hike
The fees above cover scheduled hikes & runs with Adam as our trail guide. He will lead, inform and prepare the team to get ready and be able to accomplish this goal. PLEASE NOTE: The fees above do NOT cover any  permit, day-use, registration, adventure, national parks passes and/or fees and does not guarantee all planned hikes will be fulfilled due to weather, lottery, participant limits and registration requirements and restrictions.


1/9 Black Star Canyon Hike (15 miles)

1/17 Bell View Trail Hike  (16-20 miles)

2/6 Irvine Ranch Wilderness access Day Hike (10-12 miles)

2/21 Saddleback Peak Hike (15+miles)

3/6 Agua Chinon Trail Run (12 miles)

3/26 Sitton Peak Hike (9.2 miles)

4/3 Irvine Park Hike (11-12 miles)

4/10 Mt. Wilson Hike (13.5 miles)

5/8 Saddleback Peak Hike (15+miles)

5/29 Mt. San Jacinto Hike (11.4 miles)

6/12 Mt. Baldy Hike (10.2 miles)

6/26 Caspers Park Hike (15 miles)

7/10 Cucamonga Peak Hike (11.6 miles)

7/31 San Gorgonio Hike (17.3 miles)

8/7 Ridgepark Trail Run (11 miles)

9/4 Aliso & Wood Canyon Hike (10+ miles)

9/25 San Bernardino Peak (16.5 miles)



Fee: $75 per person


The $75 fee covers all hikes for 2016

or click here to pay $15 for a single hike
***PLEASE NOTE: (TIME SENSITIVE!) As of this posting, the March 6 Agua Chinon Hike only has 6 slots open and available. If you are interested in this hike, please email me ASAP, so I can send you the registration link.  Email your RSVP to TrainerAli@me.com with “AGUA CHINON” in the subject line.






Time to PURIFY!

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Register by 1/4

The program officially starts 1/8/2016

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Congratulations, Paul!


PaulWeymanIf anyone deserves this honor, it’s Paul. Somewhat quiet and reserved, he hangs in the background but works hard and is always ready to motivate and encourage others. I personally chose Paul as the last member of the month for 2015 because he exemplifies what it means to be dedicated to fitness and ended the year with a BANG!

In 2015 Paul accomplished several incredible feats. After participating in several races, he is the first Fit Body Boot Camp member to complete a Spartan Trifecta in Hawaii in one weekend, which comprises 3 very difficult and technical obstacle course races over only 2 days. He went on to complete a second and third Spartan Trifecta to include the most difficult course at the Spartan World Championship in Lake Tahoe.  Just so you understand, 3 Trifectas means 9 full races. But that wasn’t enough.

In total for 2015, Paul completed 16 races. These races include:

Jan: Spartan Sprint, Super and second Sprint
Feb: OC Chili Winter Trail Series
Mar: OC Chili Winter Trail Race
April: Ragnar SoCal Road and Ragnar Zion Trail Race
May: Laguna 5K
August: Spartan Hawaii Beast, Super and Sprint
Sept: Epic Race and Spartan Beast
Oct: Spartan Beast and Long Beach Half Marathon
Nov: Spartan Super

Now, you won’t be seeing too much of Paul for a short time because in his last race, the Spartan Super in November, Paul actually fractured his foot just before hitting the first mile of a 9 mile race. Of course, that did not stop him. He was determined to finish no matter what to ensure he completed his third Spartan Trifecta and receive a very coveted x3 medal.


So how did he do it?

In his words, Paul states, “Aside from occasional distance running, boot camp has been my SOLE training and preparation for these races. The trainers are amazing and push you far beyond what you could possibly do on your own. They help you progress by expecting more and more out of you, but stay focused on technique to avoid injuries while training. Ali and Oscar’s enthusiasm is contagious and their belief that I can complete
these races encourages me and gives me the confidence to do them.”

Paul was determined, committed & dedicated throughout the 2015 race season and it is an honor to present him as the 2015 Member of the Month for December.  Let’s see what he will bring to 2016.

Congratulations, Paul!