2016 Six-Pack of Peaks Hiking Team!


Congratulations to the 2016 Six-Pack-of-Peaks Hikers who traversed 17 miles to the top of Saddleback Mountain on February 21, 2016. It was an incredible day and we are so happy to announce that each and every member of the 32 that joined us completed the hike. Our goal and motivation, of course, is to prep for a series of Six Southern California peaks that get increasingly higher and tougher. So far this season, the team has hiked 60.16 miles.

The Six Peaks include Mt. Wilson, Cucamonga Peak, Mt. Baldy, San Bernardino Peak, San Jacinto Peak & Mt. St. Gorgonio. And if that’s not enough, the plan for a Grande Finale in addition to the Six-Pack would be to hike Mt. Whitney to end the season with a serious bang. Reminder to the team, it’s time to gear up and start pushing your pace. Time is essential in ensuring a safe and successful challenge.

Interested in joining us?  We welcome you!

Contact Trainer Ali by texting, “I want a six pack” to (949) 929-1249 for more information!

….and the joke was on him!

In his own words, Our February member of the month, Nathan, shares his story!

I bought my wife a Fit Body Boot Camp Groupon as a birthday gift.  It was funny, at the time, as I would almost every morning mock the members who would be dragging tires on the sidewalk outside our offices.  As every good wife, she dragged me into the exercise thing, to, of course, give me an opportunity to be a good, supportive husband.  The joke ended up being on me, as I then became the sucker dragging tires around and having old women running circles around 5-foot me.

Starting, unable to run around the old Rancho facility, to running two Spartans does hype you up.  Honestly, boot camp boredom was beginning to set in 6 months back, but I had no interest in doing the Spartan as it seemed overkill.  The realization that I needed a fitness challenge came just in time to rescue me from

slipping away from “forty and fit”. Sprint_CrawlWe all need a challenge.
Someone said, “the best way to maintain is to obtain!”  I managed to finish the Super in the top 20% and the Sprint the top 5% at 44, not bad for a old boy.
My first-time-around Trifactor I’ll run to finish and next year it will be to better my times. The year after that, to do the Endurance challenges.
Why not, life is short!
The coolest thing is that Spartan has now become a family event for the Isaacs’.  My two daughters, 8 and 6, did the Kids Race, and Becky has been inspired to do a Sprint this year.  The eye opener for me was that everybody is welcome to do the Spartan no matter what their fitness level.
I cannot take all the credit for my fitness progress. The Fit Body Family that is, the staff, as well as the members, all encouraged and actually contributed to me taking the Spartan challenge.
Thanks all!

Congratulations, Nathan!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.36.08 PM

It’s been an amazing experience to sit back and watch Nathan take his fitness seriously. He attends boot camp with his wife, Becky, and they bring their two daughters with them, on a regular basis. After losing 20 pounds and building his strength and stamina, Nathan decided to give racing a try. He registered for his first Spartan race, mastered the rope climb and started running to boot camp in preparation. Not only did he commit to one Spartan race, he actually committed and registered to compete in a Spartan Super and Spartan Sprint race in one weekend. That’s 2 races, over 12 miles and countless obstacles. He is now continuing to prepare and conquer the Spartan Beast and receive his Spartan Trifecta Medal. Way to go, Nathan! The Fit Body Boot Camp Team is so proud of you and your amazing accomplishments.