Congratulations! It’s Twins!

…..and it’s a set of twins!

Rita & Maria, the Fit Body Boot Camp Twins.

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These two “Beauty Queens” as they are referred to at boot camp, are quite the pair. Positive, fun, motivating, inspiring, entertaining, enthusiastic, genuine, cheerful, friendly, encouraging, dedicated and supportive!

Wow!  What more can you say?

Well, when it comes to this dynamic duo, there’s a lot more to say.

These lovelies have met all the criteria that we look for in highlighting our members:

  • consistent attendance
  • event participation
  • motivating others
  • conquering fears
  • overcoming obstacles
  • promoting fitness

They can be seen at boot camp on a constant basis, and have both participated in team events and challenges as well as continually promoting and encouraging a fit lifestyle to so many around them. They’ve taken on fears and obstacles and have succeeded in making fitness their lifestyle. They both swore they would “NEVER” compete in a Spartan race. In overcoming their fears, they accomplished this. Not only did they register, they encouraged a whole team to race alongside them to compete and complete it together.


And recently, when a boot camper was down, they took the time to  make sure their fellow boot camper was taken care of by providing their time as well a delicious meal.

True bootcamp mentality…no man left behind.


Make sure you read each 0f their testimonies below!

We are SO PROUD to have these “TWINS” a part of the Fit Body Boot Camp Family!


Rita Webber’s Testimony – “DEDICATED TO MY MOM”

Maria Rutti’s Testimony – “THE TRUTH ABOUT MY 90 DAY CHALLENGE”




Dedicated to my mom!

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by Rita Webber

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Philippians 4:13

As I sit here writing this essay about the 90-day challenge and how FBBC has impacted my life these past months, so many emotions run through my mind. Some of you know from my earlier post last year, I dedicated this challenge to my 79-year old mom Lucena Rafanan.  She is a beautiful, strong, amazing loving woman who has survived cancer now for over a year. It is because of her courage, strength and strong faith in God that I made this decision to do this challenge this year. Back in October, 2014, I found out my mom had thyroid cancer and was told that she may not live. I had already committed to doing the 90-day challenge when I got this devastating news and even with the challenges and heartache I was facing during this time, I thought that I would be able to do the challenge. I figured that it would help me stay fit during this tough time, be a good distraction for me as well as a stress reliever. Unfortunately, due to the intense surgery my mom went through, she was left with a trachea and feeding tube. I had to quit the 90-day challenge after a month to care for my mom. I was exhausted physically and emotionally and I couldn’t keep up. The great news however, was God spared my moms life.  It truly was a miracle and I am so grateful that she is still here with me another year!!!

Being able to get to this point in this 90-day challenge has made me feel very accomplished. During this challenge I have learned so much about myself. One of the biggest benefits I got from this 90-day challenge is that I have learned to persevere. Being a mom, wife and a caregiver to my mother takes first priority in my life.  I learned to manage my time wisely so that I could fit in and complete my exercise challenges each week.  This meant that I had to plan and work around my schedule when it came to making dinner, taking my son to all his sport practices and games and making sure I didn’t neglect what was expected of me at home from my husband. I had to make sacrifices with my time just to make it all work out with my day-to-day responsibilities for my family. Another benefit that this 90-day challenge and FBBC helped me with is that I have become stronger not just physically, but mentally as well. I’ve never timed myself running a mile or attempted jumping rope for 20 minutes!  I was never interested to do it or think I could, but this challenge proved that I could! Because of Ali and FBBC trainers, my fellow challengers and boot camp family, I have been inspired to work out harder, and challenge myself each day. I see people push themselves in class, sign up for races and hikes, and do additional workouts outside of boot camp. I told Al1 2 years ago, that I would NEVER EVER do a Spartan race. I didn’t feel confident nor feel fully prepared to do something of that caliber. However, Ali never stopped encouraging me to try it and kept telling me that FBBC totally prepares you for a Spartan. Well, I took Ali’s advice, and I completed a Sprint Spartan race last year in January 2015! I have also incorporated healthy eating habits through this challenge and boot camp. I have enjoyed eating cleaner and adding more vegetables and fruit and water to my diet. I will also make a point to trying some of the delicious recipes challengers have posted.

What I truly love most about the 90-day challenge and FBBC is the meaningful friendships and bonds I have made with some of the nicest and sincerest women and men I am honored to call my friends. I look forward to seeing everyone at the 5:30, 7:45 and 8:45 am classes. I feel completely blessed by this challenge, and everyone involved, and can’t thank Ali enough for being so passionate about what she loves doing and sharing this passion with all of us. You have ministered to me and others to keep fit, and not take your health for granted – and that is the biggest gift I have received by being a part of FBBC – I don’t take my health for granted!!!!

The Truth About My 90 Day Challenge!

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By Maria Rutti

The First Truth: 

In the beginning of November, I was completely on board with committing myself to the 90 Day Challenge. I needed some serious grounding in my eating habits. I was tired of my weight fluctuating from 10-20lbs. I started to believe that when you reach your 40’s and 50’s, your metabolism slows down and you simply gain weight. I believed there was nothing I could do to lose the weight; besides I worked out a lot. Yet, I wasn’t seeing any changes in my physical appearance. The truth was that it wasn’t my metabolism that was making me gain weight; it was all the excuses I made so that I could continue to eat poorly. I did not want to set myself up for success because that would mean I would have to take action and come up with a plan. I was not ready give up my French fries…no way! So I continued to go down this unhealthy path. During this span of 3 years, I found myself feeling horrible during my workouts and feeling lack of energy during the day. The 90 day challenge gave me a jump start to eating healthier. Now I actually enjoy eating more fresh foods and use recipes I got from other challengers and different posts. I now find it easy to prepare healthy meals even when I am tired. FBBC’s 90 day challenge helped me to form healthy habits that are part of my daily routine. I wanted to start on some kind of program of eating healthier. I just found it too difficult and hard to do it on my own. I am grateful for the support and the motivation my fellow challengers gave me during this three month journey.

Second Truth 

The second truth about the challenge is that I found it enjoyable to do boot camp exercises outside of class. I never imagined I would pack a jump rope with me for a Sunday morning gym workout or enjoy doing a timed mile during my normal short runs that I do on Tuesday night runs with my girlfriend. The challenge made me appreciate the versatility of doing different exercises anywhere I go. I use these exercises when I am on vacation or at playgrounds or even in front of my TV. Thank you FBBC for reminding me that working out doesn’t have to occur at a gym. Also, I truly love my fellow boot camp mates and the awesome instructors. They are all wonderful people, very warm and welcoming, encouraging and kind. I have been to three other boot camps in Orange County and by far FBBC is unique and the only place I would ever do boot camp. FBBC is my life investment. The dividends are tenfold!

The Third Truth 

Now this truth was a tough one to face but I had to be honest with myself because during Week 13, I was obsessed with racking up as many points as possible. I arranged my work schedule so that I could pack in two classes for four days, including one last class on Saturday totaling 9 classes. This meant that I was packing my work clothes and a wash cloth to take with me to class so I wouldn’t have to go home and get ready. In the FBBC restroom, I was ready in 10-15 minutes flat, making it to work by 8:15-8:30! I was so impressed with myself and how efficient I was with my time. I must mention that I was actually supposed to go to work early to prepare for an important board meeting, but doubling up on classes took precedence over work which is uncharacteristic of me. But I wanted those points; I wanted to keep my spot on the leaderboard.

This morning after doing some reflection, something in me did not resonate well with my soul. I realized I had lost out on enjoying the last week of our challenge. I didn’t stop to think about the good that was coming out of all of this. Instead I had become this edgy, competitive monster who was hungry to push for more, to have more, to do more….to rack up more points, more points, more points! What I had become made me feel so sad this morning. The good thing is I was humbled and realized that my human nature has the propensity to be self-centered and that this challenge was not about the points but rather about finding success in yourself and those around you. At the next yearend challenge, I will make a mental check and question my motives. I want every week to be enjoyable. In hindsight, I find it funny to see how crazy I had become in order to stay the course. I do understand the deeper meaning behind the 90 day challenge. I experience intrinsic rewards as I watch people around me succeeding in their fitness goals and accomplishments. I have seen some awesome changes. The reward for me has been to see my fellow FBBC mates transform their bodies and souls as they become more beautiful from the inside, becoming confident human beings that will tell you they can conquer any mountain! In the big picture, I truly believe that God created us to be this way; to know who we are and know that we are worthy human beings.

Thank you Ali for giving us the gift of health. You truly have changed so many lives. You and your trainers are wonderful people and I love that you are all a part of my life! You guys rock big time!