The Six Pack comes to an end!

Although there are a few hikes still left in our 2016 Six-Pack-of-Peaks Hiking Challenge, the actual Six-Pack-of-Peaks have been completed. It was an AMAZING year of EXTREMELY challenging hikes in UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL locations.

Mt. Wilson – elevation 5,710 feet

Cucamonga Peak – elevation 8,859 feet

Mt. Baldy – elevation 10,068 feet

San Bernardino – elevation 10,649 feet

Mt. San Jacinto – elevation 10,834 feet

San Gorgonio – elevation 11,503 feet

Plus the added, Mt. Whitney, of course, elevation 14,505 feet

We are SO PROUD of our hiking team. Click the photo below to watch the video recap and get a glimpse of our 2016 season.

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Trainer Ali is the owner of Fit Body Boot Camp in Foothill Ranch. She is a Spartan SGX Coach and Spartan Obstacle Specialist completing multiple Spartan Trifecta races, Spartan world championships, Spartan Ultra Beasts along with olympic distance triathlons and other Ultra endurance races. She is a wife, mother and grandmother, devoted to her family and clients and to living a healthy, active and fit life.

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