Congratulations, ADAM!


This guy has it going on!


Adam served in the United States Marine Corps for eight years and is currently a Supervising Park Ranger with Orange County Parks. In addition to his professional career, Adam is also a volunteer with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Unit.  Adam has 24 years of backpacking, dayhiking, and wilderness experience. He is a Certified Interpretive Guide with the National Association for Interpretation and former Docent for Laguna Canyon Foundation and Irvine Ranch Conservancy. Adams’ wilderness training consists of Wilderness First Aid Course x3, Basic Concepts of Wildland Fire and Principles of Wildland Fire Behavior, Saddleback College Volunteer Naturalist Course in addition to Trail Maintenance Basic and Crew Leader training with the Southern California Trails Coalition. He has also recently been certified as an Assistant Scoutmaster for his son’s Boy Scout troop.

WOW…..and that’s not all!

Adam also decided to head up our 2016 Hiking Challenge this last year, volunteering his time and effort to create an amazing Fit Body Boot Camp hiking program in addition to participating in an incredible number of athletic activities with the Fit Body Boot Camp team. His activities include the following:

Spartan Races: SoCal Sprint, Las Vegas Super, SoCal Beast, LA Spartan Sprint, SoCal Super, Breckenridge Beast, Lake Tahoe Ultra Beast

Other races: Turkey’s on Trails 10k, two EPIC SERIES races, Run in the Parks 5k, Camp Pendleton Mud Run 10k, Bubble Run 5k, Donut Run 5k

Hikes: Blackstar Canyon 17m, Bell View Trail 17m, Limestone Canyon 9m, Santiago Peak 18m, Aliso Creek Run 14m, Irvine Park Hike 11m, Modjeska Peak 20m, Cucamonga Peak 12m, Mt. Baldy 11m, Mt. San Jacinto 12m, Ridgepark Trail Run 11m, San Gorgonio 18m, San Bernardino Peak 17m, Mt. Whitney 17m, Grand Canyon 22m, Echo Mountain 11m, Aliso & Wood Canyon Hike 10m.

In addition to all of the above, Adam comes to boot camp regularly, offers some pretty awesome program ideas as well as encourages, motivates and aids his fellow boot campers to push themselves and stay true to a lifestyle of fitness.

Congratulations, Adam!  You are SO INSPIRING!


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Trainer Ali is the owner of Fit Body Boot Camp in Foothill Ranch. She is a Spartan SGX Coach and Spartan Obstacle Specialist completing multiple Spartan Trifecta races, Spartan world championships, Spartan Ultra Beasts along with olympic distance triathlons and other Ultra endurance races. She is a wife, mother and grandmother, devoted to her family and clients and to living a healthy, active and fit life.

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