Summary: The 2017 program will be broken up into two groups, Level 1and Level 2. Each Level will have a hiking season (running time) of seven months. Level 1 will be from January to July and Level 2 will be from May to November.  14 total hikes in 2017. Both levels will overlap in May, June and July. During these months, we are hoping to have two hikes. FEE IS $75 FOR LEVEL 1

PLEASE NOTE: Hikers MUST complete a TBD timed hike pacer qualifier in order to be included into Level 2. Fee is $25 to continue from Level 1 to Level 2, or $75 for Level 2 only with qualification.

L1 Hikes for 2017:

January 8th – Peter’s Canyon Regional Park (4 miles)

February 19th – *Hollywood Sign (4 miles)

March 5th – *~ Echo Mountain (6 miles)

April 30th – Whiting Ranch (7 miles)

May 28th – *Potato Chip Rock (8 miles)

June 18th – ~Aliso and Wood Canyon (10 miles)

July 9th – *Bridge to Nowhere (11 miles)

Proposed L2 Hikes for 2017 (work in progress) 

May 7th – ~Sitton Peak (9+ miles)

June 25th – *Mt. Baden-Powell (9 miles)

July 30th – ~Ridegepark to Crystal Cove SP (11 miles)

August – TBD

September – Eagle Crag (18 miles)

October – GOAL – Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Day Hike Finale

November – TBD

* – indicates need to travel

~ – indicates a repeat from last year


  • Level 1 – Moderate level  ~ January through July
    • This level will have several sit down chats throughout the program and on hikes to discuss hiking. ex. Hiking style, equipment, fuel and water levels, basic first aid, basic navigation, basic nutrition
    • Approximate distances will be 5-15 miles
    • Elevation change will be kept to a minimum. (less than 2000 feet)
    • Trail type will be easy and open. Not too technical or steep, ascent or descent. Fire road, double track, easy single track.
    • Trail locations will be local.
  • Level 2 – Strenuous level ~ May through November
    • This level is designed to be  challenging. We will attempt great distances and high elevation. PLEASE NOTE: Hikers MUST complete a predetermined timed hike pacer in order to be included.
    • Approximate distances will be 12-30 miles.
    • Elevation change (+/-) on some of the peaks will be significant.  5,000’+
    • Trail type can range from easy double track trail to rugged, rock scrambling, bushwhacking, steep ascents and descents and mud.
    • Trail locations will require travel due to topographical needs.
      • Angeles National Forest
      • San Gabriel National Forest
      • San Bernardino National Forest
      • Joshua Tree National Park
    • Group size will have to be limited on some of the National Forest hikes due to permitting. We can only take 12 people on some hikes. RSVPs will be required – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Grand Finale –
    • We hope to complete a Grand Canyon Rim to Rim day hike as our big finale. This is about 21-24 miles long with about 10,000′ elevation change. Estimated timeline would be from south to north rim; leaving at 5am, arriving at north rim before 6pm. Preferred time of year would be mid October. This hike is completely doable and would be a great finish to the 2017 hike challenge.
    • It would require one or two overnight stays, NP permits and a prearranged shuttle service. Group size limited (approx. 12 people)

Fee: $75 per person (only accepting Level 1 at this time)


or click here to pay $15 for a single hike
PLEASE NOTE: The fees above cover scheduled hikes with Adam as our trail guide for the 2017 Hike Challenge. He will lead, inform and prepare the team to get ready and able to accomplish the 2017 hiking goals. PLEASE NOTE: The fees above do NOT cover any  permit, day-use, registration, adventure, national parks passes and/or fees and does not guarantee all planned hikes will be fulfilled due to weather, lottery, participant limits and registration requirements and restrictions. SORRY, NO REFUNDS!