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Bright and early at the crack of dawn, you will find both Pat & Patti ready to get their fitness on. They start their day in prayer & meditation and then it’s to boot camp they go. There’s something to be said for couples who start their mornings together and take their health seriously. And there’s something to be said for a wife who wants her husband to join her. And there’s especially something to be said for a husband who listens to his wife when she wants to bring him along to a workout.

Pat and Patti both embody the inviting culture and family connection at Fit Body Boot Camp. They have made arrangements to have their daughter join in during her college break to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, and have befriended just about everyone they come across. If you were new to the 5:00 or 5:30 am session, chances are you were welcomed by Patti as she will always seek out any new person who walks in the door to make them feel comfortable and encourage them to do what they can and not be intimidated. Pat is also a member of Trainer Ali’s Level 1 Hike Club and helped the program by being the “sweep,” which basically means he has to wait for everyone to reach the hike’s end before finishing himself….not a popular job. As you can see, Pat & Patti clearly put others before them and make an amazing team to brighten the day with smiles on their faces every morning.

And together, they both make the WORLD’S BEST COOKIES EVER!

Congratulations to both of you for exuding your love on everyone and being great examples to family and health!

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Owner of Fit Body Boot Camp - Foothill Ranch I am enthusiastically devoted to my clients and to living a healthy, active and fit life. My goal is to help others to desire that same lifestyle. I have the passion, knowledge and skills to encourage and motivate you to a better quality of life through health and fitness. Let me design an efficient, effective, customized program to improve your health, your endurance and increase the quality of your life. As a busy wife, mother and triathlete, I understand how difficult it is to stay focused. Let me help you meet your desired goals! • NESTA Certified, PFT (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association) • Olympic Distance Triathlete • Specializing in Weight & Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Endurance & Proper Nutrition • Encorporating outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, running, hiking, etc. • 10 years experience • Born & Raised a California girl!

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