Riley & Makena, they are the BOMs!

Congratulations to our Teenage Boot Campers of the month!


Friends helping each other to better health.

Riley and Makena are regular attenders at Fit Body Boot Camp in Foothill Ranch. You won’t usually see one without the other, although, they do keep up a regular fitness regimen whether together or not.


These two girls do more than encourage each other to stay fit!  Surprisingly, they are only 17 and seniors in high school. They go to school, they are on the cheer squad, they both have jobs and Riley even student teaches as well, yet they still find time to take care of themselves and are committed to getting to boot camp sessions.  Never have they come in without a huge smile on their faces, ready to have fun and work hard. They not only encourage themselves, they encourage others. These days, most teenagers do not have the drive and determination of these two when it comes to fitness. They demonstrate the benefits of consistently working out, showing a better ability to stay focused on other activities, perform better in school and take nutrition more seriously.

Recently, they were on a mission to prepare themselves for prom so they remained devoted to pushing each other and making sure to attend workout sessions on a regular basis.IMG_3327.JPG

Workout buddies really do make a difference and are important for success. Studies show a 43% drop rate for those who workout out alone compared to a 6.3% drop rate for those working together with a partner.

And according to Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, MS, PT, psychologist & physical therapist, “Having a reliable workout buddy increases your chances of sticking with your program & can provide some healthy competition while keeping you within safe limits.”

So Congratulations, to Riley & Makena for proving that a buddy makes a difference!