The BOM that completes 2017!

Congratulations to Laura Moffett

Boot Camper of the Month20376167_10211716375159599_31947932310126986_n.jpg

Now this Georgia girl is truly INSANE and suffers from a serious affliction of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Laura loves to be active and she loves to be active, especially in the great outdoors. Even more, she loves people and being active among like-minded friends. She has competed in just about every outdoor event there is. From Turkey Trots to mountain biking with the Trail Angels to running triathlons and half marathons, camping the eastern Sierras with her family, racing the Ragnar Trail Relay, hiking in Yosemite and recently backpacking to summit Mt. Whitney, there’s just nothing to keep her down.

And being the social butterfly that she is, Laura decided she wanted to try out Fit Body Boot Camp…..just to change things up a bit and meet more people.  She has been committed to her fitness regimen and she shows up with a big smile on her face on a regular basis and works hard. She is always inviting friends to join in and has made even more friends at boot camp as well. Since attending Fit Body Boot Camp, Laura has participated in our hiking and fitness challenge events, completed her Spartan Trifecta and her very first full marathon while training with us. She continues to achieve greatness in all she does and that’s why she’s the BOM!

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Owner of Fit Body Boot Camp - Foothill Ranch I am enthusiastically devoted to my clients and to living a healthy, active and fit life. My goal is to help others to desire that same lifestyle. I have the passion, knowledge and skills to encourage and motivate you to a better quality of life through health and fitness. Let me design an efficient, effective, customized program to improve your health, your endurance and increase the quality of your life. As a busy wife, mother and triathlete, I understand how difficult it is to stay focused. Let me help you meet your desired goals! • NESTA Certified, PFT (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association) • Olympic Distance Triathlete • Specializing in Weight & Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Endurance & Proper Nutrition • Encorporating outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, running, hiking, etc. • 10 years experience • Born & Raised a California girl!

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