Game on, It’s Wesley for BOM!

Our BOM for the month of May is none other than, gamer at heart, Wesley Ruscher. Wesley has been a long time, die hard and dedicated Boot Camper. He burns an insane amount of calories at the 6:45 am class every week & currently holds the record for completing 31 ring pushups.

In addition to attending Boot Camp, Wesley has competed in both Spartan and Epic races and attends our Saturday morning run clubs with other Boot Campers, training for future races.

In the time that he has attended Fit Body Boot Camp, Wesley’s strength and endurance has undergone a remarkable transformation. Wesley is the only person to admit that his “aha” moment was finding a belly form in an old shirt he used to wear prior to starting at Fit Body Boot Camp and realizing his belly no longer filled it in. He is committed to health and fitness and dedicated to Fit Body Boot Camp’s philosophy of working hard to stay hard.  Very inspiring on many fronts.

Congratulations Wesley on being selected for BOM. It’s been a long time coming and you’ve managed to keep your GAME ON no matter what.  GAME NOT OVER!