The B.O.M. that hit July!

Congratulations to Nilou,

Fit Body Boot Camp’s B.O.M. for the month of July!


Nilou has been a valued member of FBBC since August of 2015.

You can usually spot her on your way to boot camp as she runs from her house to attend early morning sessions. In addition to running & boot camp, Nilou participates in spin classes, yoga and has participated in Fit Body Boot Camp’s hiking club since its inception for the last 3 seasons.

When Nilou is not working out, she stays busy by teaching piano lessons and remodeling rooms in her home, just because …..she can.

And when we say she remodels, we mean……SHE REMODLS, completing all the work HERSELF from demolition to the very end and all the details in between.

Obviously, Nilou likes to keep busy and epitomizes the culture at Fit Body Boot Camp by always exhibiting a sunny and positive demeanor, in addition to her commitment to health and fitness.

Nilou’s motto seems to be exemplified in this quote by Aristotle……….

“Happiness is a state of activity,”  IMG_5812.JPG

Congratulations to Nilou for earning this distinguished award.

If you see her this month, be sure to wish her a very happy birthday and a heartfelt congratulations! Just another year to do more activity. You can probably catch her celebrating burpees with Trainer Ali.

Congratulations Nilou. You are a valued member of our Fit Body Boot Camp family!



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Trainer Ali is the owner of Fit Body Boot Camp in Foothill Ranch. She is a Spartan SGX Coach and Spartan Obstacle Specialist completing multiple Spartan Trifecta races, Spartan world championships, Spartan Ultra Beasts along with olympic distance triathlons and other Ultra endurance races. She is a wife, mother and grandmother, devoted to her family and clients and to living a healthy, active and fit life.

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