Meet Bill, Member of the Month!

Congratulations, Bill!

He came, He conquered!

Bill is a member of several Fit Body Boot Camp Race and adventure teams, including our Epic Race Team, our Spartan Race Team & our 6-pack-of-peaks Hiking team. He makes a commitment, focuses, gets involved and continues to challenge himself on a regular basis. One of his greatest accomplishments at FBBC is being the ONLY Boot Camp member to have completed all six of the 6-pack-of-peak hikes, which includes the highest peaks and some of the most difficult terrains in Southern California. Not only did he complete the 6-pack, he is also one of only six to have summited the top of Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous U.S. & the Sierra Nevada with an elevation of 14, 505 ft.  The 6-pack-of-peaks challenge was an extremely difficult and daunting adventure taking 9 months to complete.

In his own words, read what Bill has to say about his experience at Fit Body Boot Camp and be sure to check out a few of his photos below.

I am really grateful for Fit Body Boot Camp.  I remember when my wife, Kathy, first brought me to boot camp over two years ago.  Before that first session, I believed that I was getting a good workout during my regular visits to the gym.  After that first session – which nearly killed me, by the way – I recognized that there was something different and better about OC Fit Body Boot Camp.  So I returned for a second session and then a third… and a couple months later I was a regular goer and I gave up my gym membership.
Now, two years later, I have to admit – I’m stronger, I have better endurance, and I am doing things that I don’t think I could have done in the past.  I met a lot of great people too, and I think they appreciate Fit Body Boot Camp as much as I do.  Thanks for what you do.

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Just a little courage is all it takes!





Meet Ellen everyone!

She picked up the phone & called me…..TERRIFIED!


She said she “COULDN’T DO IT”

She asked me to be honest with her and hoped I would tell her it was NOT FOR HER.

She was thin her whole life, never worked out, never worried about what she ate & now it all caught up to her. Her clothes were tight and she was noticing physical changes. She knew she had to do something, but she was….TERRIFIED!

Of course, I talked her into coming to boot camp, giving it a try, doing what she could do….even if it wasn’t much. I told her she needed to move, she needed to change things up and guess what….SHE SHOWED UP!

She came, she did what she could, she TRIED!

She was TRAUMATIZED, and the first time I asked her to climb a wall….I thought she was going to DIE!

She looked at me in shock as though it was a joke. She asked, “What do you mean climb over the wall?  How?  Are you serious?  You can’t be serious!”

She mentioned she grew up with her dad…no mom, and her dad thought girls just played with dolls….so that’s what she did most of her childhood. She sat with her friends and played with dolls. No running, no jumping, no climbing, just sitting. She couldn’t possibly climb a wall.

Boot camp was completely out of her comfort zone and it’s remarkable that she showed up and actually stayed. She keeps coming and she keeps trying and she’s making great strides in her health.

IMG_2485.JPGThe best part of my job is watching someone like Ellen, who shows up with determination and works hard even when she doesn’t believe in herself, and it’s been amazing to see her gain confidence as well as strength and endurance. It’s especially great to see her enjoying herself while working out. The best part is she welcomes, encourages and motivates newcomers to just do what they can.

Recently, I asked her to join our Spartan Revolution workout. She REFUSED! She said she couldn’t possibly keep up with the Spartan crew. I told her to register anyway, to just show up. She showed up. She didn’t participate, but she showed up….and I know that next time, she will participate and she will LOVE it, and I can’t wait to see her motivate others to join in as well.

Ellen, you have earned this award by showing COURAGE. In the midst of fear and intimidation and insecurity, you mustered up the COURAGE TO JUST SHOW UP.


On behalf of the Fit Body Boot Camp Team and myself, we are SO PROUD OF YOU!

Congratulations, Jeff & Melissa!


The “EPITOME” of a healthy family!

Jeff & Melissa are longstanding Fit Body Boot Camp members who have been incredibly consistent and committed to their health and fitness. Often seen working out and training together, they not only keep themselves motivated, they motivate others, including their 2 young sons, to live healthy lives and adopt an active lifestyle. These two are always ready to take on new challenges to achieve their goals and have encouraged many to become part of the Fit Body Boot Camp family. They have competed in a multitude of outdoor activities and races with the Fit Body Boot Camp Team, including Spartan Race, Ragnar Road & Trail races, marathons, mountain bike races, motorcross and more…..and encourage their boys to race and be active as well.

“The family that moves together, succeeds together!”


Congratulations to Jane!

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.22.27 PM


This is one amazing lady!

Not only has Jane completed 18 full marathons and more than 60 half marathons over the years, she is now a Fit Body Boot Camp Spartan Race Team member and looking to achieve her Spartan Trifecta in Hawaii this year. One of Jane’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions was to join our Six-Pack-of-Peaks Hiking Challenge. So far she has completed every hike on the schedule and is seriously training for Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the continental United States coming up in September. She has logged well over 100 hiking miles so far and plans to keep that number rising. Jane even decided to complete two back-to-back Fit Body Boot Camp sessions in one day.

WOW! I love this lady!

Not only is she committed, she has also motivated and challenged others along the way. Congratulations, Jane!

Criteria for Fit Body Boot Camp’s Member of the Month is listed below and Jane has achieved it without question!

  • Motivating others
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Consistency in training
  • Taking on new challenges
  • Participation in Fit Body Boot Camp events
  • Loving on Trainer Ali (my personal favorite)

Keep it up, Jane……You are truly AMAZING!



Congratulations! It’s Twins!

…..and it’s a set of twins!

Rita & Maria, the Fit Body Boot Camp Twins.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 6.48.06 AM.png

These two “Beauty Queens” as they are referred to at boot camp, are quite the pair. Positive, fun, motivating, inspiring, entertaining, enthusiastic, genuine, cheerful, friendly, encouraging, dedicated and supportive!

Wow!  What more can you say?

Well, when it comes to this dynamic duo, there’s a lot more to say.

These lovelies have met all the criteria that we look for in highlighting our members:

  • consistent attendance
  • event participation
  • motivating others
  • conquering fears
  • overcoming obstacles
  • promoting fitness

They can be seen at boot camp on a constant basis, and have both participated in team events and challenges as well as continually promoting and encouraging a fit lifestyle to so many around them. They’ve taken on fears and obstacles and have succeeded in making fitness their lifestyle. They both swore they would “NEVER” compete in a Spartan race. In overcoming their fears, they accomplished this. Not only did they register, they encouraged a whole team to race alongside them to compete and complete it together.


And recently, when a boot camper was down, they took the time to  make sure their fellow boot camper was taken care of by providing their time as well a delicious meal.

True bootcamp mentality…no man left behind.


Make sure you read each 0f their testimonies below!

We are SO PROUD to have these “TWINS” a part of the Fit Body Boot Camp Family!


Rita Webber’s Testimony – “DEDICATED TO MY MOM”

Maria Rutti’s Testimony – “THE TRUTH ABOUT MY 90 DAY CHALLENGE”




….and the joke was on him!

In his own words, Our February member of the month, Nathan, shares his story!

I bought my wife a Fit Body Boot Camp Groupon as a birthday gift.  It was funny, at the time, as I would almost every morning mock the members who would be dragging tires on the sidewalk outside our offices.  As every good wife, she dragged me into the exercise thing, to, of course, give me an opportunity to be a good, supportive husband.  The joke ended up being on me, as I then became the sucker dragging tires around and having old women running circles around 5-foot me.

Starting, unable to run around the old Rancho facility, to running two Spartans does hype you up.  Honestly, boot camp boredom was beginning to set in 6 months back, but I had no interest in doing the Spartan as it seemed overkill.  The realization that I needed a fitness challenge came just in time to rescue me from

slipping away from “forty and fit”. Sprint_CrawlWe all need a challenge.
Someone said, “the best way to maintain is to obtain!”  I managed to finish the Super in the top 20% and the Sprint the top 5% at 44, not bad for a old boy.
My first-time-around Trifactor I’ll run to finish and next year it will be to better my times. The year after that, to do the Endurance challenges.
Why not, life is short!
The coolest thing is that Spartan has now become a family event for the Isaacs’.  My two daughters, 8 and 6, did the Kids Race, and Becky has been inspired to do a Sprint this year.  The eye opener for me was that everybody is welcome to do the Spartan no matter what their fitness level.
I cannot take all the credit for my fitness progress. The Fit Body Family that is, the staff, as well as the members, all encouraged and actually contributed to me taking the Spartan challenge.
Thanks all!

Congratulations, Patricia!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 5.16.55 PM

Patricia was chosen as Member of the Month to start out the 2016 season because of her incredible drive and determination to conquer….not only her goals but her FEAR as well!

On Patricia’s very first day of boot camp, she came because a few of her friends had invited her to join them. She drove around town unable to find our location and got lost. When she finally arrived, the boot camp session was half over and her friends were nowhere to be found. She told me she was there to do boot camp but she didn’t see her friends. That didn’t matter! She didn’t leave! She just got in with the boot camp members, completed the workout and hasn’t left since.

Patricia has attended on a regular basis and joined in on some of our outside events as well. Her biggest fear was to join run club that meets Saturday mornings before boot camp at Whiting Ranch. Why was that her biggest fear?

Well, the mountain lions, of course……but she came anyway.

Mountain lions are well known residents of this area and Patricia actually saw one in the past. She did not want to encounter or see another one ever again. She came to her first run club session so scared, she was sweating and almost in tears. So she brought along some kind of tool with a large wooden handle and what looks like a large hook on the end of it, just in case! She hasn’t stopped attending run club since, still brings her club, but  is no longer frightened to be out in the beautiful trails of Orange County.


Making the decision to join the Fit Body Boot Camp Spartan team was another difficult decision. But it was just one race, just to say she did it, just for fun! She completed her first Spartan Race and there was no stopping her since. She was now determined to complete the Spartan Trifecta, a total of 3 extreme obstacle course races with over 24 miles of trail running and more than 50 obstacles to conquer.

Once, conquering her Trifecta, she was UNSTOPPABLE. Patricia traveled all over…..Temecula, Monterey, Sacramento, Dallas, in order to complete not only one Trifecta, but to ensure that she would end the season with what is called a DOUBLE TRIFECTA! That means she completed 9 races…..not just any race, but SPARTAN RACE…. NOT ONE SPARTAN RACE, NOT 3…..BUT 6…..and some of these were back to back races over 2 days.

So let’s recalculate that:

Over 48 miles of arduous trails and more than 100 greueling obstacles.


Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 1.27.03 PM

In order to get results, you first have to show up. You then have to make goals & commit to them…..NO MATTER WHAT!


And that’s what Patricia continues to do on a daily basis!

Congratulations & AROO!