The BOM that completes 2017!

Congratulations to Laura Moffett

Boot Camper of the Month20376167_10211716375159599_31947932310126986_n.jpg

Now this Georgia girl is truly INSANE and suffers from a serious affliction of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Laura loves to be active and she loves to be active, especially in the great outdoors. Even more, she loves people and being active among like-minded friends. She has competed in just about every outdoor event there is. From Turkey Trots to mountain biking with the Trail Angels to running triathlons and half marathons, camping the eastern Sierras with her family, racing the Ragnar Trail Relay, hiking in Yosemite and recently backpacking to summit Mt. Whitney, there’s just nothing to keep her down.

And being the social butterfly that she is, Laura decided she wanted to try out Fit Body Boot Camp…..just to change things up a bit and meet more people.  She has been committed to her fitness regimen and she shows up with a big smile on her face on a regular basis and works hard. She is always inviting friends to join in and has made even more friends at boot camp as well. Since attending Fit Body Boot Camp, Laura has participated in our hiking and fitness challenge events, completed her Spartan Trifecta and her very first full marathon while training with us. She continues to achieve greatness in all she does and that’s why she’s the BOM!


and Jamie G. is the BOM to be!


Boot Camper of the Month

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 12.08.56 PM.png

This lady is the ultimate Super Hero!!!!

Jamie has been a member of Fit Body Boot Camp since July of 2013.  She is ALWAYS smiling, ALWAYS positive and ALWAYS gives it her all. Two years into the program, Jamie had a fainting spell and was unable to workout until tests determined the cause. Sadly, the blackout, as well as the time off caused her to worry and fear set in. It was difficult for her to get back to her regular workout routine. She looked for alternative ways to get her workouts in. She was determined. Her determination helped her to overcome her fear and she eventually returned to Boot Camp with more dedication and persistence than ever. She came back disciplined in her approach and very goal oriented. She worked hard not only on her physical strength, but mental strength as well.

In 2017 she completed the following races: Disney 10k, Into the wild 10k, Angels 5k, as well as 5 total Spartan Races.  She completed her Spartan Race Trifecta, three of the most grueling obstacle course races around, consisting of a sprint (3+miles), a super (8+miles) & a beast (13+miles), totaling over 24 miles of difficult terrain, heavy lifting and insane obstacles.  But She’s not done there. She still plans to complete a Disney 5k and a Terrain Race before the year is over. and maybe, just maybe, she will find a way to finish one last Spartan race to complete a double Trifecta.

Jamie personifies the demeanor and attitude we not only seek, but one that proves successful in tackling our exercise regimen. The Fit Body Boot Camp crew noticed the transformation in her, both physically and mentally. They noticed her taking on new challenges, with focused determination on working toward lifting heavier, so she was unanimously chosen to be this month’s BOM!

Trainer Val is quoted as saying, “I’ve been here for over a year and Jamie’s push up is the most perfect push up I’ve seen so far!”


Way to go, Jamie!


Riley & Makena, they are the BOMs!

Congratulations to our Teenage Boot Campers of the month!


Friends helping each other to better health.

Riley and Makena are regular attenders at Fit Body Boot Camp in Foothill Ranch. You won’t usually see one without the other, although, they do keep up a regular fitness regimen whether together or not.


These two girls do more than encourage each other to stay fit!  Surprisingly, they are only 17 and seniors in high school. They go to school, they are on the cheer squad, they both have jobs and Riley even student teaches as well, yet they still find time to take care of themselves and are committed to getting to boot camp sessions.  Never have they come in without a huge smile on their faces, ready to have fun and work hard. They not only encourage themselves, they encourage others. These days, most teenagers do not have the drive and determination of these two when it comes to fitness. They demonstrate the benefits of consistently working out, showing a better ability to stay focused on other activities, perform better in school and take nutrition more seriously.

Recently, they were on a mission to prepare themselves for prom so they remained devoted to pushing each other and making sure to attend workout sessions on a regular basis.IMG_3327.JPG

Workout buddies really do make a difference and are important for success. Studies show a 43% drop rate for those who workout out alone compared to a 6.3% drop rate for those working together with a partner.

And according to Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, MS, PT, psychologist & physical therapist, “Having a reliable workout buddy increases your chances of sticking with your program & can provide some healthy competition while keeping you within safe limits.”

So Congratulations, to Riley & Makena for proving that a buddy makes a difference!


More BOMs coming your way!





Bright and early at the crack of dawn, you will find both Pat & Patti ready to get their fitness on. They start their day in prayer & meditation and then it’s to boot camp they go. There’s something to be said for couples who start their mornings together and take their health seriously. And there’s something to be said for a wife who wants her husband to join her. And there’s especially something to be said for a husband who listens to his wife when she wants to bring him along to a workout.

Pat and Patti both embody the inviting culture and family connection at Fit Body Boot Camp. They have made arrangements to have their daughter join in during her college break to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, and have befriended just about everyone they come across. If you were new to the 5:00 or 5:30 am session, chances are you were welcomed by Patti as she will always seek out any new person who walks in the door to make them feel comfortable and encourage them to do what they can and not be intimidated. Pat is also a member of Trainer Ali’s Level 1 Hike Club and helped the program by being the “sweep,” which basically means he has to wait for everyone to reach the hike’s end before finishing himself….not a popular job. As you can see, Pat & Patti clearly put others before them and make an amazing team to brighten the day with smiles on their faces every morning.

And together, they both make the WORLD’S BEST COOKIES EVER!

Congratulations to both of you for exuding your love on everyone and being great examples to family and health!

Trainer Ali’s Level 2 Hiking Challenge & Saddleback Peak Qualifier, June 25th

Welcome to OC FIT BODY BOOT CAMP 2017 Level 2 Hiking Challenge! We are excited to finally kick this series off with a local favorite, Santiago Peak (Saddleback Mountain) on June 25th.  Last year we challenged ourselves with some massive peaks and everyone who tried, succeeded!


This year, our Level 1 series conquered some really cool hikes including theHollywood Sign, Echo Mountain, Potato Chip Rock, Peter’s Canyon, Whiting Ranch, Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park and we will finish our series off with Bridge to Nowhere on July 9th. In just six hikes, our level I series has hiked over 47 miles!!

PLEASE NOTE: Saddleback Peak will be a qualifying hike to participate in the Level 2 Hiking Challenge and Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike. Hikers MUST complete a timed hike pacer qualifier in order to be included into Level 2.

Fee is $25 to continue from Level 1 to Level 2, or $75 for Level 2 only with qualification.

  • Level 2 will be a strenuous series of hikes. This level is designed to challenge you, continue your quest toward healthy living, discover new outdoor locations, provide a safe environment to learn back country skills and give you the confidence to conquer more adventures on your own.  YOU CAN DO THIS!! 
  • Please NOTE: Due to the strenuous nature of the hikes, hikers MUST complete a qualifying hike to join the Level 2 Hiking Challenge.
  • Don’t worry, if you have hiking experience, you should be fine.

*Due to permitting issues and other circumstances, some hikes/ dates have been changed from their original date/location. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused with your personal calendars.

Level 2 Hike Series: 

June 25 – Santiago Peak (Saddleback Mountain) 17 miles, +/- 4,500 ft elev. gain

July 30 – Mt. Wilson 14 miles, +/- 4,000 ft elev. gain

August 27 – Black Star Canyon to Beeks Place 17 miles +/- 4,400 ft elev. gain

September 10 – San Gorgonio 18 miles, +/- 5,800 ft elev. gain (permit pending)

October 13-16 – Grand Canyon National Park Rim to Rim Hike 24 miles, +/- 10,000 gain/loss (See further info below)

November 26 – Irvine Ranch Open Space Distance Hike 25 miles, +/- 3,000 ft gain/loss 

Fee: $75 per person


**Payments will hold your qualifying spot for Saddleback Peak on June 25th. Refunds for not qualifying or if you are continuing from Level 1 to Level 2 your payment will be refunded accordingly.

Level 2 Hike #1         **RSVP Required**

Santiago Peak (Saddleback) 

The trail head is at the end of Holy Jim Road in Trabuco Canyon. We will follow the Holy Jim Trail to Main Divide Trail toward Santiago Peak. Holy Jim up to the Main Divide is mostly shaded with some exposed sections. This hike will be a slow ascent with over 4,500′ elevation gain. Past the divide, along Upper Holy Jim is very exposed and will be the hottest section of the trail. There are radio towers at the peak and some trees for shade, but not a lot. We will be moving at a quick pace stopping 2-3 times for a few minutes each on the way up. There is a port-a-pottie at the trail head, but I wouldn’t recommend using it. There are no other facilities at the parking lot.

A National Forest Adventure Pass ($5 at Big 5 Sports) is required to park at the trail head. The road to the parking lot is long and very bumpy. Low riding vehicles are not recommended. Don’t leave anything valuable visible in your car and make sure it’s all locked up.

Trail Description:

5,689 feet high

17 miles

+/- 4500’ elevation gain/loss

About 6-1/2 to 7 hours

Dogs – No

Difficulty: Strenuous


From Boot Camp, exit the parking lot and turn right on Pauling. Turn left on Portola Parkway, then left on Glen Ranch (past Oakley). Turn left on El Toro Road, then turn right on Live Oak Canyon Road (at Cooks Corner). Pass O’Neil Regional Park and turn left just past the creek onto Holy Jim Road. Follow Holy Jim road all the way until it dead ends into the trail head/ National Forest parking lot. (just past the Holy Jim Fire Station).

Here is the Google link:

Meet & Travel:

Carpool meet at Boot Camp at 5am. We will leave at 5:15am SHARP!  Step off will be at 6:15am. Parking fee is $5 per vehicle with an Adventure Pass. Carpooling is recommended. Please let Adam (714.277.9023) know if you are going to carpool or meet at the trail head.



The weather is unpredictable, but you can expect it to be very warm! Dress in layers with wicking material. Avoid cotton.

Gear List:

For all Level 2 hikes, it is highly recommended that you carry the 10 essentials. One example is located here:

Being prepared for the back country travel is very important.

Make sure you have basics:

  • Water (4+ liters plus electrolytes)
  • Fuel (enough for 8 hours of strenuous activity)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sturdy Shoes (light hiking shoes preferred)
  • Hiking Poles (optional)
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Cell phone with spare battery
  • Flashlight (headlamp preferred)
  • Whistle

Rules, Alerts and Notices:

Cleveland National Forest Alerts:

AFTER HIKE GET TOGETHER: For those interested, we will meet for dinner after the hike at Selma’s Chicago Pizzeria in Rancho Santa Margarita. Time is TBD depending what time we get done with the hike. Please join us if you can! Link and info:


The importance of staying hydrated in the mountains:

PLEASE NOTE: Group size will have to be limited on some of the National Forest hikes due to permitting. We can only take 12 people on some hikes. RSVPs will be required – NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Grand Finale –
    • Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Day Hike:  May require one or two overnight stays, NP permits and a prearranged shuttle service. Group size limited (approx. 12 people)

Fee: $75 per person


Group size will have to be limited on some of the National Forest hikes due to permitting. We can only take 12 people on some hikes. RSVPs will be required – NO EXCEPTIONS!

The fees above cover scheduled hikes with Adam as our trail guide for the 2017 Hike Challenge. He will lead, inform and prepare the team to get ready and able to accomplish the 2017 hiking goals. PLEASE NOTE: The fees above do NOT cover any  permit, day-use, registration, adventure, national parks passes and/or fees and does not guarantee all planned hikes will be fulfilled due to weather, lottery, participant limits and registration requirements and restrictions. SORRY, NO REFUNDS!


​Boot Camper of the Month


Gloria was chosen because of her commitment to her health and fitness. She has been a member of FBBC since ​October of 2010. Not only has Gloria attended for all these years, but she was also a member of our 2016 Six-Pack-of-Peaks Hiking challenge and is currently part of the 2017 Hiking Club as well. She continuously goes out of her way to help out in amazing ways. Gloria hand paints our event sign, helps make celebration posters and more. Her daughter helps out in our babysitting program as well and she includes her husband and family to all join in on our outside events.

Gloria has struggled with a knee injury but doesn’t let that stop her. She finds ways to modify her workouts as needed, and continues to consistently workout no matter what.

The best part is that Gloria took the time to make me my very own Spartan travel pillow as you can see in the photo above. Now, who can match that?