Game on, It’s Wesley for BOM!

Our BOM for the month of May is none other than, gamer at heart, Wesley Ruscher. Wesley has been a long time, die hard and dedicated Boot Camper. He burns an insane amount of calories at the 6:45 am class every week & currently holds the record for completing 31 ring pushups.

In addition to attending Boot Camp, Wesley has competed in both Spartan and Epic races and attends our Saturday morning run clubs with other Boot Campers, training for future races.

In the time that he has attended Fit Body Boot Camp, Wesley’s strength and endurance has undergone a remarkable transformation. Wesley is the only person to admit that his “aha” moment was finding a belly form in an old shirt he used to wear prior to starting at Fit Body Boot Camp and realizing his belly no longer filled it in. He is committed to health and fitness and dedicated to Fit Body Boot Camp’s philosophy of working hard to stay hard.  Very inspiring on many fronts.

Congratulations Wesley on being selected for BOM. It’s been a long time coming and you’ve managed to keep your GAME ON no matter what.  GAME NOT OVER!


Nina, the earth month B.O.M

Congratulations to Nina Grewal,

Boot Camper of the month for April.


What better way to celebrate earth month, than to celebrate honoring Nina. This is one amazing member. She started boot camp to add cross-training into heImage-1-1.jpgr fitness regimen. A lifelong runner and hiker, Nina has traversed and climbed some of the highest peaks on the planet. From Aconcagua in Argentina, one of the 7 summits, at 22,841 feet of elevation to Stok Kangri in the Indian Himalayas at 20,187 ft, to running 50 miles across the east rim trail in Zion as well as qualifying for the Boston Marathon, you have to admit she’s one of a kind.

Say that again:

  • Summitted Aconcagua & Stok Kangri
  • Ran 50 miles along the Zion Rim
  • Qualified for the Boston Marathon
  • Performs surgery
  • One of a kind

And let’s talk about kind… being a vascular surgeon, she was instrumental in helping one of our trainers during a medical emergency on more than one occasion and has been a great source of information in the area of scientifically backed nutrition. Plus she knows all the great vegan restaurants in the area.

Adopting a vegan diet along with her commitment to boot camp, Nina has seen significant benefits to her health, energy, stamina and physique. But she’s not the only who’s noticed. The changes in her strength and endurance have been incredible and inspiring to so many.

In summary, if Nina isn’t in the operating room or helping the community, she is happily running along some trail or at boot camp working out with a smile on her face.

Congratulations & keep going, Nina!


Spartan Race Essentials: Fuel & Gear


In obstacle course racing, fuel & gear are important components to a more comfortable experience. If you choose to eat or wear the wrong items, you could pay dearly.  Not only in race time, but also in fatigue, digestive issues and possibly having to drop out or DQ.

Training and timing are also key to an effective and strong race. So be sure to take your fuel and training preparation seriously. Give yourself enough training time in order to test everything out prior to your race, a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks for short to mid races and at least 8 to 12 weeks for longer races.

So what do you wear? As a personal trainer and competitor, I have tested out what works for me and for my clients and found that the “less is more” approach seems to be the most effective. The less you wear, the less you carry, the longer you can go, the faster you finish.

Compression gear specifically designed for muddy & wet conditions is essential. Your gear should offer airflow, moisture evaporation or quick-dry and have UV protection. It should be comfortable, but snug enough to allow mud to slough off immediately. IMG_5801I personally race in Virus Performance Gear, which offers three lines of gear for different environments.

The stay cool series is made from a Natural Cooling fabric with recycled Jade stone engineered for staying cool, dry, and comfortable. A Bioceramic performance series engineered for endurance and recovery, and a StayWarm performance series engineered for staying warm, dry and comfortable, and which I have used all three. My favorite race pick being the bioceramic series, so comfortable you won’t even want to take it off to go to sleep.

Other essential gear for muddy & wet conditions that I never race without are gloves, a buff and gators. A buff will be your saving grace during hot, cold or windy conditions. Gators keep mud and rocks out of your shoes. My favorite socks are “Darn Tough” and in true Spartan spirit, they seriously are.

What to eat, what to drink? For races longer than 2 hours, camelbacks with proper fuel & hydration are a must. I use a mix of “LivePristine Electrolyte Balance” with lemon water in my camelbacks for all my races.ElectrolyteBalance I do not carry water and only drink it by taking advantage of the water stations.A good rule of thumb for fuel & hydration is to drink every 15 to 20 minutes and eat every 45 minutes to an hour. Although, I personally find this a bit aggressive for me, I suggest you test it out and find out what works best for you. IMG_3104

Try this tested, tried & true “Gunnar Stew” recipe offering complex carbohydrates and the perfect glycemic load for optimal performance.


To Gu or not to Gu, is that really the question? I prefer a whole food approach. Eat real food, even on race day. A mix of chopped dates, espresso beans, cacao and almond butter with protein powder is quick and easy to make or buy. Luckily, there are now whole food products with clean ingredients available virtually everywhere making this a much better option. You can also purchase squeeze packs like Noka Superfood Blend that offer balanced nutrition with clean ingredients like sweet potato and goji, or blueberry and beet.



The bottom line: proper training time, tested gear, pure fuel, true hydration, deep sleep & planned recovery play key roles in a great race.

Happy Racing.

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Gunnar Stew, Tried & True



This tested, tried & true recipe offers complex carbohydrates and the perfect glycemic load for optimal performance.


Ingredients for Gunnar Stew.

Lundbergh Black Japonica Rice

(any Lundbergh heirloom rice will do but the black is the best)

Carrots, diced

Sweet potato, diced

Potato, diced


Onions, diced

Top sirloin, chopped

Avocado oil

Sea Salt

Make the rice as directed on the package label.  Sauté the onions until soft, then add the top sirloin. Chop & roast or sauté the rest of the veggies.  Throw it all together.  Add avocado oil with sea salt to taste. As it sits,  it may be necessary to add more oil and salt to taste. This recipe can be easily converted to a vegetarian option by eliminating the top sirloin.

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Congratulations to MOM BOM SHAWN……member of the month, boot camper of the month.

This lady really has all the attributes for “Woman of the year.”


According to her beautiful daughter Brooke, her mom would bring her breakfast in bed on a daily basis and every night they had dinner at the table and would talk about their day. It was always important for Shawn to be as involved as possible as a family and Brooke says their family, “are all like best friends.” However, growing up, she cooked really unhealthy and didn’t really work out much. Shawn mainly just walked the lake. She eventually started going to the gym, to spin classes and did some weights. It wasn’t until starting at Fit Body Boot Camp about a year ago that she really worked out.  Brooke states, “I seriously never thought in 1 million years I’d see her do a Spartan. She has become so strong and has totally come out of her shell. She’s come so far.”

Shawn has definitely been committed to boot camp since starting approximately one year ago. She tried it out and loved it so much that she brought the whole family in and they are all now regular boot camp members and workout together as much as possible. You can always count on Shawn to show up with a smile on her face, ready to work hard and bring along a loving motherly presence.


This year Shawn completed her very first Spartan Race and is excited about her fitness regimen and boot camp alongside her family. We are so proud of you, Shawn Black, and all you have accomplished. You are an inspiration and an example to all of us.
Congratulations on being this month’s “MOM BOM.”


Hiking season is upon us!






*Cactus to Clouds was ranked by Backpacker Magazine as the 5th hardest day hike in America (2006) and the only hike in California that made the list!

IN 2016, we summited Mt. Whitney, In 2017 it was the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim……


and now……

Welcome to Trainer Ali’s 2018 Hiking Challenge along with the HikeMaster, Adam Shuck. BE PREPARED…..this one will be a doozy!

The 2018 hiking season runs from January to October. Level 1 will hike January through May with Level 2 starting April through September.  Our “end of the year hike” will be set for October. This year we are including an educational series as part of Level 1. The Level 1 Educational sessions will include topics such as Hiking Equipment, Nutrition, Wilderness Preparedness, Hike Selection, etc.  Please be aware that all hikes will take place on Sundays. All Level 1 & Level 2 participants will receive finisher t-shirts. Level 2 hikers completing the full season along with the “end of year” hike will receive a completion medal. Education sessions are set for the following Thursdays 1/11, 2/1 & 3/15 at 7:30pm.

L1 = 5 hikes + 3 classroom sessions – $85

L2 = 6 hikes + End of Season Hike – $85


SINGLE HIKE FEE – $20 (availability not guaranteed on all hikes)  T-shirt may be added for an extra fee – TBD

See the proposed Hiking Plan below and RSVP TODAY by texting your name, email & L1 or L2 preference to Trainer Ali at (949) 929-1249!  



Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 1.08.25 PM.png

PLEASE NOTE: RSVPs are required for each hike. NO EXCEPTIONS. The fees above cover scheduled hikes with Adam as our trail guide for the 2018 Hike Challenge season. He will lead, inform and prepare the team for readiness and ability to accomplish the 2018 hiking plan. IMPORTANT: The fees above do NOT cover any permit, day-use, registration, adventure, national parks passes and/or fees and does not guarantee all planned hikes will be fulfilled due to weather, lottery, participant limits and registration requirements and restrictions. SORRY, NO REFUNDS!


These BOMs are our future!



Boot Campers of the Month!


Consistent attendance, Check!

Great work(out) ethic, Check!

Noticeable improvements in stamina, strength & endurance, Check!

Embracing the Boot Camp Culture, Check!

Involvement in a healthy lifestyle through activity outside Boot Camp, Check!

Exemplify an overall healthy lifestyle, Check!

Trisha & Neil were chosen as BOMs because, as you can see from the list above, they meet the most important areas in the criteria for this recognition. They attend on a regular basis together, motivate and push one another to strive for greatness. Many times, they even run to and from their home to their boot camp workout. They always come in with smiles on their faces and are ready to get to work. And Neil is always sure to thank the trainers with a handshake once the workout is completed. Both Trisha & Neil show an incredible amount of confidence and maturity in a predominantly adult program.

Recently, they both conquered their very first Spartan Kids Race in December, 2017. They asked many questions about the race wanting to be prepared. Trisha & Neil enjoyed the race so much, they plan to conquer the Spartan Sprint this January, a 3+ mile extreme obstacle course race that requires both physical and mental toughness.

Both Trisha & Neil are in high school and grew up playing soccer & volleyball. They both currently participate in their school golf teams. They initially went to BC to keep their mom company.  At times it’s hard to be motivated to go every night, however, their quest to be fit and strong overcomes those obstacles. Spartan was the next level for them and the experience of the Kids race gave them a good check on where they are and where they need to be in terms of fitness. And according to their father, “They like the trainers at Boot Camp the most as they feel they are very supportive. They both make me and mom very proud!”

Well, they make the Fit Body Boot Camp Training Team very proud as well and have inspired us so much to see two young people so focused and dedicated to their health & fitness. They are certainly the future of fitness!



2018 BOMs for January & February