The Munson’s are BOM’s


24993338_10203906316415314_121431253522186234_n.jpgCongratulations to Matt and Melanie Munson for being named Boot Campers of the month for November & December!

We could write up something on them as to how devoted they are, but we’ll let them tell their story. It’s much more compelling from their point of view.

‘When my friend “dared” me to come try out Fit Body Boot Camp, I thought it would be a walk in the park.  As someone who ran and did the traditional gym for over a decade consistently, I thought “no problem”.   It was not at all what I expected.  It was WAY BETTER!   The workouts reinvigorated parts of my body I had forgotten I had.  My whole body felt connected in ways it hadn’t in years.   My occasional lower back pain went away.   And, within three months of joining, my wife said I was in “the best shape of my life”.   But the workouts aren’t the best part.  The PEOPLE are.  The culture Trainer Ali has created is extremely welcoming.  There is camaraderie between the trainers and those of us there to improve ourselves.  While its hard work.  Its also fun.  And we have made some great friendships and had some great adventures already – such as the Spartan Races that the training prepares you for.  In fact, I was having so much fun that my wife finally decided to join too.  Now we SPARTAN together!   Thanks Trainer Ali’s Fit Body Boot Camp.’

Their selection as BOMS is obvious, but there’s more to it than that. These two have the added pressure of raising four children….4 ADOPTED children and they still find ways to take care of themselves while being involved in every aspect of their children’s lives. We are honored to have them as devoted members here at FBBC. Keep up the great work you two. Your commitment and dedication to your health & to FBBC is inspiring and appreciated.


Nina, the earth month B.O.M

Congratulations to Nina Grewal,

Boot Camper of the month for April.


What better way to celebrate earth month, than to celebrate honoring Nina. This is one amazing member. She started boot camp to add cross-training into heImage-1-1.jpgr fitness regimen. A lifelong runner and hiker, Nina has traversed and climbed some of the highest peaks on the planet. From Aconcagua in Argentina, one of the 7 summits, at 22,841 feet of elevation to Stok Kangri in the Indian Himalayas at 20,187 ft, to running 50 miles across the east rim trail in Zion as well as qualifying for the Boston Marathon, you have to admit she’s one of a kind.

Say that again:

  • Summitted Aconcagua & Stok Kangri
  • Ran 50 miles along the Zion Rim
  • Qualified for the Boston Marathon
  • Performs surgery
  • One of a kind

And let’s talk about kind… being a vascular surgeon, she was instrumental in helping one of our trainers during a medical emergency on more than one occasion and has been a great source of information in the area of scientifically backed nutrition. Plus she knows all the great vegan restaurants in the area.

Adopting a vegan diet along with her commitment to boot camp, Nina has seen significant benefits to her health, energy, stamina and physique. But she’s not the only who’s noticed. The changes in her strength and endurance have been incredible and inspiring to so many.

In summary, if Nina isn’t in the operating room or helping the community, she is happily running along some trail or at boot camp working out with a smile on her face.

Congratulations & keep going, Nina!


The Look of LOVE!


IMG_0793.JPGCongratulations to Matt and Tanya Lentz

BOM’s for the month of February & March.

Matt and Tanya have been devoted FBBC members and are well on the road to receiving a lifetime achievement award. Tanya started in March of 2013 and soon convinced Matt to join alongside her. You will often see them working out together at the early morning weekday classes. Coming from athletic backgrounds with successful race finishes of 5Ks, 10Ks, 1/2 marathons as well as competing with several boot camp race teams, they have been successful in continuing and carrying out a life committed to health and fitness and passing this habit on to their two young sons.

In a month that is dedicated to couples everywhere, Matt and Tanya prove to be the ideal choice as BOM. A couple that trains together, loves together. Their commitment to health, fitness and to one another is a welcomed display of how they use these traits to help each other, and to add to the culture of family we so strongly advocate.

Congratulations Matt and Tanya. We value your dedication to health, fitness and family togetherness and are proud to have you as dedicated members of Fit Body Boot Camp!

Protect your skin

Keep your skin soft and hydrated with this great all-natural sunscreen recipe. Wearing a hat or visor is a wise secondary provision as this is a light sunscreen, but don’t be so afraid of the sun that you stay away from it. Our bodies need sunlight.


1/4 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup shea butter

1 tsp. red raspberry seed oil

2 tbsp. zinc oxide powder

Melt coconut oil and shea butter together in a double boiler. Whisk in the zinc oxide and oil. Let the mixture cool in refrigeration for at least 30 minutes. Remove from refrigeration and whip by hand until light and fluffy. (approx. 3-5 min.) Keep refrigerated in an airtight container and use as needed.

Let me know how this worked for you.

A very funny B.O.M.


Congratulations to David Lewis for being awarded Boot Camper of the Month for January.

David has been a devoted member of Fit Body Boot Camp Foothill Ranch since May of 2017. His dedication to becoming fit is evidenced by his consistent attendance to the morning classes and his faithful participation to our Saturday morning run club. We can’t forget to mention that David has also trained and conquered a Spartan Sprint Race. As a result, David’s strength, endurance and speed have become remarkable.

In addition to his regular attendance, David’s outgoing and comedic personality brings humor and cheer to our intense boot camp sessions. He is often socializing with other boot campers which creates an atmosphere of lighthearted, fun and healthy competition.

Thank you David for choosing FBBC Foothill Ranch for your fitness home. You are a valued family member and your hard work and progress are inspiring!



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It’s a LUNA B.O.M.


Give it up for Jill Luna – Our October B.O.M., Boot camper of the month

Jill has been a member with FBBC since 2014. She is a faithful attendee at the 5:00 and 5:30 am classes most every day of the week. And even though she is quiet & shy, she is easy to spot as she always has a big smile on her face and continually works hard. Jill’s sunny demeanor is only exceeded by her incredible work ethic at each and every intense session.

Jill has recently committed to running her second half marathon and has been in regular training alongside her husband and has attended our Saturday morning run club.  Her willingness to go beyond her comfort zone and take on the challenge of a race, coupled with her consistent attendance at FBBC demonstrates her commitment to her health and fitness. This is also inspiring for, not only her family, but others who know Jill and have witnessed her impressive progression in strength and endurance.

Jill is a valued member at FBBC where her positive energy and dedication proves contagious. Thank you Jill for choosing FBBC as your home for health and fitness.

Keep up the great work!

FBBC Changed her life!

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 9.18.47 PM.png“I always say that Fit Body Boot Camp changed my life. That is not an exaggeration.

Back in my 20s, keeping healthy and fit was just a way of life for me. I did cardio and weight lifting and always ate a low-fat diet. I never really had to think about my weight.

Sadly I morphed from a 112 lb, healthy, active 29-year-old to a 140 lb, tired, depressed 43-year-old. There were many reasons for that: eating out too much, paying less attention to what I was eating, dropping weight-lifting from my exercise routine, the negative side effects of fertility drugs, two very rough pregnancies, and raising little ones (including a foster child and a special-needs adopted child). I honestly believe that if I hadn’t started my journey at FBBC, I would still be an overweight, tired and depressed middle-aged woman. Instead, I feel like a new person.

There have been so many benefits of joining FBBC. Obviously, the most visible one has been my physical transformation. Between doing five days of boot camp every week and eating a healthier diet, I lost weight quickly. I was down to 123 lb within six weeks. My weight continued to drop over the next six months and I reached 112 lb again. I gained muscle and became more toned. I felt amazing. I feel amazing. Still, as much as I appreciate being back at my high school weight, there have been so many other benefits that mean way more to me.

I have struggled with depression for years and I can say with certainty that nothing has been as beneficial for my mental state as regular, intense exercise. Part of this is likely due to the endorphins and other “feel-good” neurotransmitters that are released during exercise. Part of it is definitely the outlet that exercise provides for my stress and frustrations. I also think a big part of it is the feeling of accomplishment and well-being that I have at the end of each workout. Regardless, the positive effects of regular exercise have allowed me to actually begin to enjoy and appreciate life again. To me, that is huge!

Another incredible benefit has been my newfound confidence and my willingness to face my fears and take risks. Every single time I accomplish something new or reach a goal, it boosts my confidence and reinforces my (new) belief that I can do just about anything if I work at it long enough and hard enough. I may not get it the first time, but I know that I will succeed at it eventually. Whenever I find myself saying “I can’t do it”, I remind myself to add a “yet”. My fear of heights and falling has always been a big challenge but I’ve found myself climbing ropes, swinging between bars, jumping from a 12’ wall down onto a mat (at a parkour class) and climbing over high obstacles. There is definitely something exciting about conquering old fears. The more I do it, the more I want to do it. I have FBBC to thank for that.

In addition, besides looking a lot better than it used to, my body now performs so much better. I used to think I was relatively in shape. I learned otherwise pretty quickly, lol. I remember feeling so nauseated during my first few workouts at FBBC. To my surprise, my speed, endurance and strength improved rather quickly. I found that I could run faster and longer. I could lift heavier and do more reps. As the months go by, I continue to improve. I may not be the strongest or the fastest one at boot camp but I’m thrilled with my progression.

I’m in competition with myself every time I work out. My goal is always to be faster and stronger than the day before. I may not always succeed, but I certainly give it my all.

Joining FBBC has also allowed me to find new passions. Before I joined boot camp, I had never even heard of Spartan races or obstacle course racing. I had never run more than six miles. I can now say that I’ve completed six Spartan races, as well as Tough Mudder, Muddy Warrior Xperience, Rugged Maniac, Terrain Race and Grit OCR courses. I’ve also run two half marathons. I’m looking forward to taking up mountain biking. Doing all of these activities has given me even more reason to train and to work at my strength, speed and endurance. It has also continued to boost my confidence level and I can’t wait to do even more races and to learn new skills.

One of the other amazing benefits of FBBC has been the camaraderie that I’ve found and the sense of community. We really are a big family. My boot camp friends are such positive role models and such an encouragement to me. I hope that I am the same for them. It’s wonderful to have people in my life who share my passions and my dedication to fitness. I feel truly blessed.

All in all, you could call FBBC my “happy place”. It is the very best way to start my day. By the end of each workout, I am pumped and ready for whatever life may throw at me. I am grateful to Ali and her awesome trainers for pushing me to work hard and for always encouraging me along my journey. I would recommend FBBC to anyone who is ready to make a real change in their life. You will never regret it!

Addendum: I recently joined Trainer Ali’s 60-Day Fitness Challenge. It has been a good reinforcement of the need to eat mindfully (and to meal prep) and of the fun in trying new challenges (and the gratification of succeeding). It has been fantastic to get insight into how other people eat and train and I’ve definitely been inspired to make some positive changes. It’s been a great experience.”

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