Boy B.O.M., Eric Maynard



This boy has been working hard all year and has lost 40 pounds & over 17% body fat. He is ready to take on more challenges as he has met his goals and launched his racing career with the Fit Body Boot Camp race teams.

Eric recently completed his first Spartan Race and is headed to Beast status at the end of October. Not just Spartan Race but Ragnar Trail as well with Trainer Ali’s Ragnar Team in November.

You can always find Eric motivating his fellow boot campers on a regular basis and encouraging his friends to join in on the fun. He got serious about his health, he met his goals and we are so proud he chose Fit Body Boot Camp Foothill Ranch as his fitness home.

Keep it up, Eric, you are inspiring everyone around you.

Nina, the earth month B.O.M

Congratulations to Nina Grewal,

Boot Camper of the month for April.


What better way to celebrate earth month, than to celebrate honoring Nina. This is one amazing member. She started boot camp to add cross-training into heImage-1-1.jpgr fitness regimen. A lifelong runner and hiker, Nina has traversed and climbed some of the highest peaks on the planet. From Aconcagua in Argentina, one of the 7 summits, at 22,841 feet of elevation to Stok Kangri in the Indian Himalayas at 20,187 ft, to running 50 miles across the east rim trail in Zion as well as qualifying for the Boston Marathon, you have to admit she’s one of a kind.

Say that again:

  • Summitted Aconcagua & Stok Kangri
  • Ran 50 miles along the Zion Rim
  • Qualified for the Boston Marathon
  • Performs surgery
  • One of a kind

And let’s talk about kind… being a vascular surgeon, she was instrumental in helping one of our trainers during a medical emergency on more than one occasion and has been a great source of information in the area of scientifically backed nutrition. Plus she knows all the great vegan restaurants in the area.

Adopting a vegan diet along with her commitment to boot camp, Nina has seen significant benefits to her health, energy, stamina and physique. But she’s not the only who’s noticed. The changes in her strength and endurance have been incredible and inspiring to so many.

In summary, if Nina isn’t in the operating room or helping the community, she is happily running along some trail or at boot camp working out with a smile on her face.

Congratulations & keep going, Nina!





Hello FBBC Athletes,

As you are all aware, we at FBBC in Foothill Ranch tried hard to provide you all with a safe, clean and fun atmosphere to stay fit during some very uncertain times. After closely monitoring events and actions taken by the state and local municipalities, we feel it necessary to close the doors to our facility effective March 18 through March 31 with hopeful plans to open on April 1st. 

 We feel responsible to do our part in this fight against the coronavirus by following the government recommendations to temporarily suspend workout sessions inside our facility. The great news is that we still plan to train you and give you amazing results!

In fact, now more than ever it’s critical to keep working out, eating right and staying positive so that you can reduce stress and keep your immune system strong.

SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means that you won’t be able to come to Fit Body Boot Camp at your normal time to get our invigorating, fat-burning workouts that you know and love.
BUT we plan to come to your home (virtually) to make sure that you are getting an effective workout!

That’s right, as a valued member of my Fit Body Boot Camp family, you now have access to daily, 30-minute, fat-burning workouts that you can safely and comfortably do in the comfort of your own home, using your body weight.

These follow-along workouts are new and exciting every day and will keep your results moving forward, your stress levels lowered, and your immune system strong!

And that’s not all…

To keep you motivated and on track through this time of social distancing, we are launching The Fit Body 28-Day Stronger Together At-Home Challenge on Monday, March 23rd.

This challenge is FREE for members (& only $28 for non-members) and includes a 28-day Nutrition Plan in addition to the fun and effective, daily at-home workouts. This challenge is a fun way for us all to stay motivated and accountable together as we fight the coronavirus by practicing social distancing.


The first follow-along at-home workout is ready for you! Check it out HERE​. We are also setting up a Private Members FB Group. Please request to join HERE​.


ALSO: If you are not on FACEBOOK, we hope you reconsider and join in on the fun. Otherwise, links to videos will be made available via email and text as well.

So for the time being, our private Facebook group will be the community and your home will be the gym as we continue to keep exercising and getting results.

Once you complete this at-home workout, post #fbbcstrong to the facebook page below the video so that I know you did it! Also tag your boot camp friends and accountability partners so that they also do the workout and stay on track with their fitness while at home.

We want to motivate and encourage you to eat well and stay active during this temporary interruption. Please let me know how we can help you stay fit and strong!

I’ll be contacting you soon with more details ​


2020 Goals


Goodbye 2019 and hello 2020. The old decade closes and we enter into the next brimming with a new beginning, a do-over, a clean slate, a renewal. Sometimes just wiping down the board of life with a fresh start is all that’s needed to get you going. Hopefully you take with you all you’ve learned, the accomplishments along with the setbacks and head into a new territory with confidence and excitement. The next decade is yours. How do you plan to conquer it? For me, I will look back on all my experiences, especially with the people who held me up and kept me going during the toughest moments as well as the greatest. I will remember that the world continues to revolve and that somehow I made it. I got through it. I always have. I always will. The key is to gather insight from the experience, gain strength and continue with endurance as the journey is far from coming to an end. Enjoy it every step of the way. Be better. See more, do more, live more, love more.

With a new decade ahead, it may be a good time to reset or update your goals. I’d love to help you with that. Use the link below to get started and let me know how I can encourage you.


Callahans got it going on!

Congratulations to this dynamic duo for ending our year of B.O.M.s for 2019.


Amber and Chase Callahan have rewarded us with over a year and a half of impressive dedication to their health & fitness at FBBC Foothill Ranch.  Parents to three beautiful daughters, they find a way to stay consistent with their fitness, while at the same time teaching their daughters the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by living this example.

They have both represented Fit Body Boot Camp by participating in Spartan and Ragnar races and were successful in putting their endurance training and physical skills to the test by performing remarkably well in these events

Their display of a fun and healthy lifestyle and passing this on is not limited to just their daughters….. Amber and Chase routinely bring others in to experience our workouts and the unique culture being cultivated at FBBC.

We thank The Callahans for choosing FBBC as their fitness home and for embracing our goal of inspiring others to embrace a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to have them as members at FBBC and look forward to many more months of continued AWESOMENESS from them!

Congratulations, Amber and Chase, Boot Campers of the month for November & December, for always pushing it to the next level.